Posted by on June 24, 2016

broadleaf-plantainBroadleaf Plantain (Plantago Major), is also called White Man’s Footprint as the seeds were carried in mud on boot tread and sprung up everywhere, especially around European settlements. It’s found everywhere, I’ll bet you have a ton of it in your garden. This plant has fantastic medicinal qualities. It’s got a slight anaesthetic in it as well as antiseptic qualities so if you have a cut or bruise, crush up a couple of leaves, chew ’em up right nice, then rub the sap and mush over the wound. It’ll feel better in no time.


**Disclaimer – I’m not a survival expert. Don’t try this stuff at home. I accept no responsibility etc. If you want to learn more about survival, there are dozens of fantastic courses you can take and I encourage you to do so**

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