Posted by on June 26, 2016

southwithtreesYou’re lost, you don’t have a compass, your phone is dead so no compass app either, you know there is a town somewhere to the north where you can find food, water, shelter and a bus home. But you have no idea which way is north.

Well, here’s an easy trick.

Plants like the sun, simple enough, huh? Find a tree out in the middle of a field, clearing or by a hedgerow, not in the middle of a forest, and have a walk around it. The bulk of the branches, fullest leaves, will grow where the tree is most in the sun, which is south. From there, you can work out every other direction and be home in time for dinner. It may not work on every tree but is a great rule of thumb if you ever find yourself turned around in the countryside.


**Disclaimer – I’m not a survival expert. Don’t try this stuff at home. I accept no responsibility etc. If you want to learn more about survival, there are dozens of fantastic courses you can take and I encourage you to do so**

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